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5 most spiritual places on Earth

Posted by on January 22, 2013

Do you believe in the mysterious allurement of spirituality? Are you well aware with the major advantages of yoga? The world is in just awe of the power of spirituality and yoga. There is the presence of myriad towns and cities round the globe, but out of them some are regarded with a great level of sanctity and piousness. Here is the list of five such places, explore the legendary places through this post.

1. Jerusalem

Jerusalem is revered as one among the oldest cities of the world, with an inconceivable spiritual significance in the religions namely Christianity, Islam and Judaism. The richness present in the history and culture of the city casts a mesmerizing spell on the travellers. The architecture of the city dates back to thousands of centuries; thus the spiritual appeal, which runs into this city, is just amazing.

2. Varanasi

Varanasi is an ancient town located along the Ganges River banks in India. This place is the legendary place for the entire Hindu community present in the world. This place is believed to have been founded by the Lord Shiva; thus it is considered as a powerful spiritual center. River Ganges, the holy river of the Hindus also adds to the charm of this city. The footfall to this sacred city runs into millions of believers who enter the city to bathe in the holy water. There is the holy belief amongst the Hindus of scattering the ashes of the deceased family members to the river. That sight becomes stunning in the true sense.

3. Vietnam

Cao Dai Temple

The region of Vietnam is said to be the spiritual blessing to the world in the form of a number of great temples. The Great temple of Cao Dai is the Holy See present here, which was constructed during the 18th century. The architecture holds a great resemblance with the Christian architecture. The various spiritual places of Vietnam are well connected with buses; thus the endeavor of travelling is quite lucid.

4. Mecca

Mecca is the holiest city for the followers of the Islam religion. The city caters to the world’s largest mosque; ‘al-Masjid al-Haram mosque’ and Kaaba shrine. Prophet Muhammad was born in this place, therefore each year nearly a million of Muslims visit here for the Hajj. Hajj is considered as the fifth Islamic pillar and each Muslim must achieve it at least once during the lifetime. Travelling to Mecca is well connected through flights from various countries. The brilliant architecture of the city grips the travellers to the core.

5. Vatican City

The Vatican City is under the rule of the Pope, is considered as the center of spirituality for the Catholic religion. The travellers are welcomed into the city by the religious illustrations and symbols. The unparalleled beauty of the region is appreciated immensely by the visitors. The most fascinating sight is the sight where the Pope disseminates his message and shower blessings over the crowd. The churches present in the Vatican City is truly spiritual.

The above mentioned places have been celebrated as more than just a vacation idea for a long period of time. These are largely revered because of the awe-inspiring scenery with a blanket of spiritual power. You will surely achieve a spiritual uplift once you land at these places.

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