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Honeymoon Disasters Avoided

Posted by on April 23, 2013

Selecting a honeymoon destination is far more difficult than picking out a simple holiday choice. This time of your life is right up there with other milestone events, if you treat this task lightly, you risk having a cloud over your head for the start of your married life together.  You need to think really seriously about the ideal place before clicking on that ‘send’ button. This article looks at the best ways to approach this wonderful activity and highlights a few pitfalls best avoided.

Do Not Let Others Interfere

ChampagneWhen your parents or friends offer to help you with you honeymoon plans, you should refuse politely. No matter how good their intention may seem, it will be a bad idea at best. It may be difficult to say no, especially if they are sponsoring the event, but refuse you must! At some point during the planning, the personal choices of your helpers will come into play. This should be you and your partner’s special time, how can anyone else expect to know exactly what turns you both on?  In the past there have been many a wedding day ruined when the special couple learn of their surprise honeymoon destination. The father meant well, but how was he to know that the couple didn’t really want to go on a 2 week camping holiday in the Amazon Rainforest?

Do Not Go For The Lowest Deal

If you are on a tight budget and can’t afford the place that you really want to start your married life at, think about pushing back the event. Not all honeymoons take place the day after the wedding. If you start to cut corners and look at some half price deals, you may be selling yourselves a bit short. There can be some incredible bargains to be found on the net, some all-inclusive deals look too good to be true. But when you arrive at the ‘luxury’ resort, the penny finally drops. Traditionally it is the groom who looks for the cheapest deals, so let your better half have the final say on the honeymoon destination.

Copycat Honeymoons

No matter how awesome your best buddy’s honeymoon may have sounded, you should not try and emulate that event. A honeymoon is incredibly personal and should not be imitated in any way. You may absolutely hate the place and risk falling out with your friends, although that would be the least of your worries.

So, Where?

Sit down with your partner and discuss the options available to you. Work out a budget and start writing down your preferred destinations. You may wish to return to a special place, or perhaps go to a totally new country or continent. Once you have decided on the location, start to browse through the resorts that appeal to you. Look out for special honeymoon deals and see what extras are on offer. Before making any booking, you should call the resort and see if they are sympathetic to your needs. A decent manager will be more than happy to push the boat out for the special couple. Once you are on your special holiday, feel free to upload as many photos as you like on the social network, I’m sure your relatives won’t get too jealous!

Author Bio: Donald Evans is an enthusiastic blogger and indulges in photography as a hobby. He assists wedding photographers in Toronto during their assignments to learn the tricks of the trade.

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