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How to Stay in Shape While Travelling

Posted by on February 15, 2013

Everybody travels, whether it is for pleasure, business or a vacation with the family. Whether you are traveling for just a couple of days or even weeks, you will definitely be forced by circumstances to temporarily abandon your fitness schedule. For instance, if you used to work in gym every morning, you might not have access to a gym for the time and period when you will be away. Apart from that, you may be tempted to once in a while break the dieting rules and get some junk your way.The purpose of the journey notwithstanding, the tips discussed below will help you stay healthy and fit.

Exercise Regularly
Stay in shape while travellingEven though you may not be in a position to attend a gym, you can still work out everyday. Commit yourself to at least 30 minutes of exercise even if done in the confines of your hotel room or wherever you will be staying. Whether it is waking up early to exercise or doing it in the evening, make it a regular daily routine so that you can stay fit and healthy even in your vacation. You can take a walk in the neighborhood; do push ups in your hotel room or even jump rope. You room can be your fitness center for the few days you will be away. These simple strength training exercises will definitely help you stay in shape.

Carry a Coffee Maker
One of the things to help you stay healthy is by taking healthy foods. A coffee maker will help make coffee as well as boil water to prepare a healthy breakfast such as an oatmeal. Also, it is of utmost importance to carry healthy, non-perishable snacks like almonds: they come in handy during such long vocations. Make it a habit to include fresh fruits and yogurt if possible to your breakfast as this will go along way in keeping you in shape. Taking the right amount of calories will help you to fight off excess fat baggage while on your trip. Make it a deliberate effort to eat healthily.

Have enough sleep

Get at least seven hours of sleep. Getting adequate sleep can help you in addressing your health concerns because your body gets ample time to rest making you eager and energetic to work the following day. When you get enough sleep you feel less hungry and thus you will just eat the right amount of food. Even if you are on a vacation with a very tight schedule, plan appropriately and reserve enough time for sleeping.

Do not eat after dinner

Late night snacking is not good for your health. This is because when you take snacks after dinner, your body will tend to be busy digesting the food as you sleep instead of burning the unwanted fats in your body. So to ensure that your body is burning fat as you sleep, make sure you do not eat after dinner.

Drink a lot of water

It is paramount to take plenty of water every day. Water helps in detoxifying your body and helps you to stay healthy and fit. It is advisable to take around eight glasses of water per day. Taking plenty of water helps in the emulsification of fat by ensuring that body temperatures are regulated all over the body.

Travelling and keeping healthy is a discipline and needs effort and dedication in nurturing it.

About the Author: Shelly is a writer for New You, a fitness camp based in Europe. Even when she travels, she makes sure she sticks to her fitness regimen because she knows how easy it can be to get off track.

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