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Take a Cruise instead of Flying!

Posted by on August 28, 2013

Why take a cruise to a destination when you could fly? Why not?! It is the best way to relax and have fun on the journey to your destination.  Where else could you walk around and play bowling or volleyball or watch a show? Certainly can’t do it on the flight. There are many cruises from Sydney that you will enjoy so take a look. Research and look at comparison websites for more information.

Cruise Optionsba

When taking a cruise instead of a quick flight, there are a myriad of choices that you will find and you will not be disappointed.  Take the cruise that is geared towards people who like sports and like to participate in sports.  Or take the cruise that offers lots of music, dancing and shows.  Or there is the cruise that has a theme that you might be interested in. And then there are the family cruises that have something for everyone especially the kiddies.


Here are some advantages to consider for taking a cruise over taking a quick flight to your holiday destination:

  • It is a chance to learn something new while on the way to the holiday destination.
  • It’s a great way to meet new people.
  • You can see new places and have excursions on the way.
  • Some great deals or cruise packages are available especially cruises from Sydney. Meals, shows, and more are included in the price so not more money to worry about during the cruise.
  • Try different foods: The chef normally tries to have an interesting buffet suitable for many tastes and influences.
  • Get involved in activities: Most cruises, like Cheap Cruises Australia, will have lots of activities or a gym, spa, courts, etc. to enjoy. Ultimately in good weather, there is the poolside sun-worshippers.
  • You can walk around and be active and not cooped up in a small seat on a small airplane.
  • There is no worrying about traffic and waiting on queues to get to your destination and you can enjoy the scenery on the way.
  • Entertainment is normally covered. So enjoy the shows!
  • After enjoying the day’s activities or adventures, it is good to know or be assured of a meal and drinks afterwards.
  • There will always be good intimate atmosphere for groups and families.


There are lots of advantages to going on a cruise versus taking a flight.  To find out what value there is to the cruise and how much you are getting for your money, it is good to shop around and look at different cruises. Try to look at the comparison of travel websites which will give you a rundown on the deals and packages that are available and which will also give feedback and reviews from passengers that will help you make an educated decision. Also search for cruises from Sydney when comparing.

All-In Price

In summary, to get the most out of the cruise, try to find a cruise package that will include all the extras like food, drinks, shows, etc. Then find out what else might be included and if there are any hidden costs to be aware of to add to the budget.  The biggest advantage to taking a cruise is that everything is normally included in the price and there is not normally any other outlay of money to provide during the trip.

The Eco-Friendly Ships

For those people who are “green” people and like to watch the carbon footprint, a cruise is a good way to go on holiday especially if it is on the more “eco-friendly” ships which are very aware of the impact on the environment. Encourage passengers and crew to participate and work together in being more eco-aware by reusing, recycling and reducing waste.

Author Bio:

Loryli Janice Bell is a freelance journalist and animal lover.  She loves travelling and always tries to find the best out of life and keep a smile on her face. Life is too short she believes so look for the positive in everything is her motto. Loryli has written for travel magazines for years and is a seasoned traveller finding the best out of all the destinations to share with her audience. She’s an animal lover and she delights on any topic discussed about pets, animals, or other living creatures.

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