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What You Need To Know On Your First Trip To London

Posted by on February 8, 2013

London is one of the biggest, most vibrant and cosmopolitan cities on earth.  It has almost everything you can think of.  Great restaurants, museums, art galleries, bars, nightclubs, parks, hotels and a lot more.

For this reason, London is one of the most popular tourist destinations in the world.  When you start to plan your London trip or even when you first arrive you are presented with such a wide variety of possibilities that it can be quite hard to know where to start.

You might worry that you are not seeing the right things or paying too much for certain necessities.

Here are a few tips to help you out on your first trip to London.


Trip to LondonIf you haven’t arranged a tour that has it’s own transport you are going to need to use public transport.  Luckily London has great public transport.  The underground subway system is the largest and oldest in the world.  It will take you to most parts of the city very quickly and easily.

If you want to travel over ground there are plenty of London buses.  The buses cover every part of London and even run throughout the night.

You can find bus and tube maps online or at train and tube stations.  Bus stops have maps of where each bus number goes.

Something very important you can do to save you money is to buy an Oyster Card.  These are simple cards that you add money to and then when you enter a tube station or bus you tap on a machine and it deducts your fare.  The card saves you quite a lot of money compared with paying each time you take a trip.


London has a large amount of hotels and apartments.  Where you stay depends on your budget.  If you are on a short break then it can be a good idea to stay in a hotel.  There are plenty to choose from in central London.  Book early though especially in the summer months.

If you are staying for a longer period of time serviced apartments are ideal.  Using a provider such as Clarendon you can get a furnished apartment in the heart of the city with a kitchen and all the amenities you would expect from an apartment.  If you are on a longer trip you can save quite a bit doing this.

Sampling the local life

London is a busy city.  Millions of people live in and around the city and make it what it is.  One of the best ways to get a feel for the real London is to try and live like Londoners for a while.

Visit a local pub and sample the atmosphere.  Try some pub food.  You may think that food like fish and chips and beef and Yorkshire pudding are a cliché but actually it’s what a lot of Londoners will eat.

London has a mix of ethnicities so no trip to London would be complete without either a visit to a restaurant of foreign origin or even just going into one of the many food shops from around the world.  Areas such as China town are easily located in the heart of the city and there are many restaurants where you can sample food from around the world.


London is so big and has to much to see that it is best to plan your trip before you leave if you can.  The internet is a vast resource for great places to visit in London.  Don’t just visit the well known attractions like Big Ben, Buckingham Palace and the London Eye try to experience something a bit different too.

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