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Exploring Europe via train is a lifetime experience for any tourist in this globe!

Posted by on June 29, 2013

Travelling by train is an interesting experience. Yes it is true that flight takes much less time to reach a destination then a train service but the aura of travelling by train is a complete difference altogether. One such travelling experience is by the Euro Star.

TrainThey have changed the way one experiences and enjoys the beauty of Europe. Eurostar connects almost all the destinations of Europe. So if you are planning to visit Europe and soak in the beauty of Nature, architecture and the remains of different cultures, then this travel journey is the ultimate one.
At present Eurostar connects destinations beginning from Paris to Brussels directly via daily services offered by them. They cover more than hundred destinations in Europe that one can travel directly or directly through Eurostar services.
Some of the most important Eurostar destinations are:
• Paris: One of the major destinations in a European tour, Paris in France is connected by the highest number of Eurostar trains. On a daily basis more than nineteen trains operate in between London to Paris.
• Brussels: Second only to Paris is the city of Brussels located in Belgium. Nearly ten trains operate from London to Brussels.
• Avignon: Located in South eastern part of France, Avignon is a destination which has to be reached by changing the trains. From London one has to travel via Euro star and TGV collaboration. After one reaches Paris they can avail the TGV train to arrive at Avignon. One can also opt for Lille instead of Paris and continue the journey in the same way. In the months of July and September, there are direct trains from London to Avignon.
• Disneyland: One of the most popular amusement parks in the world, Disneyland is situated in Paris. Eurostar realizes that hundreds of people visit this park every day and hence they provide direct services to this place. From the station, Disneyland is on a walking distance and hence it takes very little time to reach the place.
• Lille: Lille located in Northern France, is one of the major cities of France. A visit to this destination is made possible by the daily service provided by Eurostar. One has the option to book the tickets online.
Besides the above mentioned places, Eurostar also provides regular services to other European destinations such as Netherland, Germany, and Switzerland. Moreover guided club tour in Kiev would be an exciting experiences for the visitors.
Experience Europe by Train: an unforgettable experience

Visiting the different romantic destinations of Europe by train is really an unforgettable experience. One can see endless numbers of landscapes in a very short span of time. The topography of Europe is such that it is ideal for train travel unlike other countries. While travelling one can check out the surrounding lush green valleys, the snow capped Alps in all its beauty and glory. It is indeed a thrilling experience. The scenery and images are so vivid that it is sure to leave a lasting impression in one’s mind. Once you have this experience, no other means of travelling will ever meet up your expectations, such is their charm. Travelling through Europe via train is something that one should experience at least once if not more.

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