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Outdoor Trip Ideas For School Students In Australia

Posted by on June 24, 2013

If you are a teacher planning a good outdoor trip for your school students in Australia, then you should feel lucky, because there are so many Outdooroptions available. The children will be more than happy to ask for more such trips later on, because Australia is filled with outdoor trip possibilities.

Here are some great ideas for you to make your outdoor trip interesting for the students:

Plant Spotting

There are a lot of places in Australia for you to take your students and indulge in plant spotting. This is a great way for them to know what all plants are grown in their native land, and they will be able to spot and recognize them, click pictures of them, and know more about their attributes. If the students have already seen pictures of such plants in their classroom exercises, then you can ask them to collect a leaf of each plant, or collect various different kinds of flowers, and dry them to make a scrap book or a mini science encyclopedia of their own.


Take the students for a mini-trek to the closest trek location, and let them enjoy the art of experiencing nature and living in campfires. They will build physical stamina, and will learn to step out of their comfort zones to be amidst nature.

Bird Watching

This is similar to plant spotting, except that the kids will be learning more about birds here. You can extend this trip in areas closer to bird sanctuaries, so that the kids can get a great learning experience. Allow them to talk to famous or renowned bird watching specialists to know more about this.

Water Activities

Take the students for a great water experience, where they can swim, enjoy fishing, and enjoy safe water sports. Needless to say, you will have to ask the kids to go through a full-fledged medical check-up first, before they sign up for something like this. And you will have to keep lifeguards and experts around you to ensure that the kids are safe all the time.
Whale Watching

This is again a great experience that you can offer to your students easily. With easy options in and around Brisbane and Gold Coast, you can give the students a great day out, where they can enjoy and learn at the same time. You can ask for personalized tours with professional staff that helps to ensure that your purpose of bringing the kids gets fulfilled.

It is often said that classroom knowledge is never sufficient for a child to realize his/ her full potential. Teachers must always help students to take their learning one step further, by indulging more in practical knowledge instead of theoretical one. Moreover, such outdoor trips are a great way for students to get a break from their mundane classroom life, and also bond with each other better. The learning on such trips is much better, because they get first-hand information, instead of information from thick, fat books!

This article is authored by Leslie Smith, a popular travel blogger. He likes travelling to unknown destination in search of beauty and adventure. He says he has never seen anything as amazing as Brisbane whale watching and recommends it to all his readers.

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