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The 5 Ultimate Cruise Travel Gadgets

Posted by on July 12, 2013

Gadgets on a cruise holiday are important, especially when you are on board for a while.Here are five of the most suitable travel gadgets for your cruise holiday.

        1)      Digital Camera

CruisesYou may be going aboard a cruise ship but remember, you’re still going on holiday. As fun as the actual journey may be, the destination is still a sight to behold so make sure you bring your camera. In this digital age, cameras with the ability to record videos are more useful than mobile phones which have fewer megapixels and run out of battery quicker.

For a holiday to remember, you should always take a camera.

       2)      Tablet/iPad

The reason I don’t mention a laptop is because unless it’s a smaller model, you’ll be stuck with carrying a heavier gadget than needs be. Add in the fact that it will consume more battery power and requires plenty of open space, bringing a smaller gadget makes more sense.

With a tablet or a netbook, you can use all the necessary features of a laptop but on a smaller scale. Transfer pictures, watch movies or even Skype family members back home.

            3)      Waterproof Watch

With so much to do on board a cruise, you can find yourself losing track of time. When going for a swim or indulging in some water activities, you’ll need a watch to keep an eye on the time, in case you have booked dinner, a show or an event later down the line.

You don’t want to miss out on reservations because you didn’t look at the time. A waterproof watch allows you to know what the time is at all times, whether you are underwater or not.

            4)      GPS Handheld Device

It’s always exciting to know exactly where you are on a cruise holiday. If your journey is a long one, you could have passed some countries nearby. With a GPS device, not only can it locate exactly where you are but also how long it will take to reach your destination. Caribbean cruises often give you the chance to see neighbouring countries along your way.

If you love exploring, this could be the gadget for you.

          5)      Mobile Phone (with location)

Taking a mobile phone with you on holiday is not the best idea when you look at the data charges and phone bill. You might not need to call anyone but for emergency measures, it’s extremely useful. If your cruise sees you stopping at different ports, and you are running late on your return, a mobile phone is handy to call one of the staff members.

Of course there are many cruise deals you can look at that only stop at one destination but for an adventurous holiday, try one that sees you exploring a lot more.

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