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Top Five Places Of Transylvania

Posted by on March 16, 2013

Praid Salt Mine1.Praid Salt Mine: One of the biggest salt mines of the country is the Praid Salt Mine. Though this is a huge underground salt mine, one can always take pleasure of the surrounding cafés, restaurants with wifi and gift stores. Visiting this place is an exceptionally healthy experience. While there, visiting the museum is mandatory to know more about the mining process. Travelling the 1500m tunnel by a bus and descend the hasty stairs is one incident that will live in your memory lane always. Things-to-do will include soaking self in the hot salt bath swimming pool, visiting the inflatable castle and an adventure park for children.

2.Bucegi Mountain: The spectacular range of mountains offers real entourage to the mountain hikers and even to the people who are not much inclined towards mountainous beauty. One can choose to hike the mountains and while doing so, they will find a trail that will lead them up. It’s not very easy and not very difficult to climb up. Once you are on the top, no one can snatch the amour-propre feeling from you. And the first thing you see from the top is the Babele Sphinx. Passionate guides are available in any hotel you are staying with their own little stories to describe of these splendid mountains.

3.Sinaia: Sinaia pronounced see-ni-ya was home to the first king of Romania and is ethnically rich with centuries old villas and resorts. Most renowned for the Peleş Castle, this place is located in the mountains. The Sinaia Monsatery is a must-visit to experience the real working of a monastery and the modern monks who wear traditional robes and are delighted to show you around. The monastery is home to a rare collection of religious artefacts, periodicals, porcelain, earthenware and stoneware.

4.The Transylvanian Alps and Balea Lac: Transylvania Alps offer the most picturesque panorama to your eyes and lifts up your spirits. The Transfagarasan Mountains play rise and low with the road and makes for a perfect vacation to Romania. The road with curves that look hand crafted lead to the small town of Sibiu, Romania. Balea Lac is glaciers that are located on the top of the hills and arrive while travelling in the Alps. The best thing to do in the Transylvanian Alps is ice-skiing, sledding, ice-skating, snowmobiling and building snowman.

5.Saxon Fortified Churches: Transylvania is full of churches with over 160 beautifully crafted exteriors and well preserved architecture; though many of the churches have deformed now. Malancrav, Bierten, Viscri, Saschiz and Atel are the five fortified churches of Saxon. There are more fortified churches; however these are the few that must be visited if you are in Romania. This place is one of Europe’s pristine milieus with outlandish wildlife and birds. Inside the church one can adore the old age and euphoric paintings. The enveloped trees with vibrant flowers build ideal scenery for the picturesque village homes and quiet graveyard. One can climb the centuries old towers and converse with the localities of the elapsed villages of the medieval era.

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